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Carlos Pinho:

--- Citation de: Sergei Chernykh;451384 ---I've started a project to extend the exhaustive search limit from 1018 to 264 (~1.845*1019), and also to verify all amicable pairs below 1018. There are ~500,000 amicable pairs still to be found in the range 1018 - 264.

Since the amount of computations is so vast (over 500 CPU core-years; 1000 CPU core-years actually because the project uses replication), I'll need volunteers to help with the search. Everyone is welcome!

I've set up a BOINC server:

Those who want to participate will need to do the following steps:

    Sign up here:
    Use invitation code "mersenneforum" (without quotes) when you sign up.
    Download and install BOINC client if you haven't done it yet:
    Those who are new to BOINC should first browse and read some manuals/FAQs there.
    When BOINC client asks you to add/join a project, provide the following URL:

    Don't try to find this project in the list in BOINC client, it's not there yet. You'll have to copy-paste the URL.
    When BOINC client asks you for credentials, enter email/password of the account you created in step 1.
    BOINC client should then connect to the server and start running tasks for the project.

Please report all bugs/issues you encounter either here or on message boards on the project's server:

The program that will run on your PCs is open-source and can be found here:
Only Windows 64-bit and Linux 64-bit are supported now. I'm also waiting for bug reports/other suggestions at Github.
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En français ça dit quoi?..

Infos utiles.
Projet mathématique en BÊTA TEST.
Il faut d’abord se créer un compte  sur le site du projet avec le code d'invitation suivant : mersenneforum

Statut : actif
URL du projet :
Application disponible :
État du serveur :
L'alliance francophone :
Classement mondial de L'af :

Paires Amiables Voir ici le compteur :
A lire.,7432.msg454135/topicseen.html#msg454135

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--- Citer ---23 Jan 2017, 5:45:24 UTC    23 Jan 2017, 7:27:50 UTC    Completed and validated    1,629.81    11,829.45    1,912.90    Amicable Numbers up to 2^64 v1.01 (mt)
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--- Citer ---23 Jan 2017, 5:45:24 UTC    23 Jan 2017, 7:45:34 UTC    Completed and validated    1,060.30    8,005.79    1,546.84    Amicable Numbers up to 2^64 v1.01 (mt)
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Y a plus qu'à créer l'équipe...


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