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Jaehaerys Targaryen:

--- Citer ---Hello Zooniverse!
It’s still Citizen Science September! Yesterday we launched our brand new project: Cyclone Center (http://cyclonecenter.org).

Climate scientists need you to look through 30 years of tropical cylcone images, tracking and classify storms as they race across the globe! Along the way, you'll also learn about many of the famous and a few not-so-famous storms from the past 30 years.Meanwhile, our new Seafloor Explorer site is still bustling with people from all over the world as they explore amazing HabCam data of seastars and scallops - more than 800,000 seastars have already been recorded (that's more than one per image!), and we may even have found an entirely new, stripy species of worm.

The relaunched Galaxy Zoo has also been a big hit and there are loads of weird and wonderful objects being found as people search through images that have never been seen before.Check out these projects and more at http://zooniverse.org, and keep a look out because we plan to launch more projects, in more areas of science, very soon. Thanks for all your help, and we hope to see you on our projects soon.

Chris & the Zooniverse Team
--- Fin de citation ---

 Si quelqu'un pouvait nous donner la démarche à suivre pour les aider à classer ce serait pas mal... tout est en anglais... Merci

Jaehaerys Targaryen:
Nous sommes invités à dire quel animal de la savane a été automatiquement photographié dans un parc de Tanzanie, ça se passe sur : http://www.snapshotserengeti.org/#/classify

Jaehaerys Targaryen:
Il y a de nombreux projets de classification sur les thèmes comme :

Climat (cyclone, observation royale navy)

Espace (galaxie, lune, soleil, nouvelle planète, voie lactée, galaxie andromède,)


Biologie (Cancer)

Humanité (texte anciens sur papyrus)

Projets en test (Séti, musique et astronaute)

Plus d'infos :


http://blog.zooniverse.org/ (en anglais)

[AF>Libristes] nico8313:
C'est simpa comme concept  :D

J'ai identifié des Gnou  :D

Oh, j'ai identifié un GNU_libriste !! Shut ne faites pas de bruit, c'est très farouche et ils ont tendance à partir en courant...



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