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Mini Team - LORIENT

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 :kookoo: Many Greetz to all Autumn is coming to us  :siflotte:

 :hello: Greetz SEARCHER

La MT de Searcher :D

(ici il pleut...)

 :hello:  Good morning Jerome,

 :siflotte:  Well, with the Mini Team LORIENT, I'm really a lone fighter with you.

 :D Luckily, I have BOINC@PFALZ in my team, noble comrades-in-arms to win points.

 :kookoo:  Greetings SEARCHER

Good Day and Hello and before I forget :

:hello: Good Day and Hello my Friends,

thank you very much ADMIN`S for your E-Mail and your Information about your RAID for the next Time.

;) SEARCHER and Team Lorient, start now by the 9. RAID 2022 and switch in our big Team L`Alliance Fracophone.

I wish all many Fun and a ver nice and great Event.  :hyperbon: :hyperbon: :hyperbon: :hyperbon: :hyperbon:

:kookoo: Many Greet`s SEARCHER

Welcome to the raid, Searcher :hello:


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