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 :) Bonjour modesti and Antares,

I hope you had a nice day and you can show your carnation at a demo.  :D

 :hello: Greetz SEARCHER

It was raining almost the whole day yesterday ^^ And I will never go to a demo, not in normal times and even less now! :D

 :smak: Bonjour modesti,

Oh, I was lucky, it was sunny with us on May 1st. Right now when everything is so small and manageable you can modesti on a demo.  :/ Unless you live in Shithole Berlin, where everything was beaten up and torched in Neukölln, then of course you better not.  :D

 :hello: Greetz SEARCHER

:) Bonjour Team Alliance Francophone,

I wish all a very nice Pentecost

:jap: Many Greetings SEARCHER


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