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Help Defeat Cancer terminé


Le projet Help Defeat Cancer est maintenant terminé !!!
les dernières Wus on été envoyées.

--- Citer ---World Community Grid is pleased to announce that the Help Defeat Cancer (HDC) project is finished. The last work units have been sent out and when the final results are returned, the project will come to an end. This project, which launched on July 20, 2006, will have run for just over 9 months by the time the last results are returned. During this time 88,000 members will have donated 2,900 years of computer time on 138,000 different computers. This is a significant contribution to cancer research.

But the end of this project is really only a beginning. Based on the results, the researchers who are working on this project have a very aggressive plan to make Tissue Microarray technology an integral part of early cancer detection. World Community Grid's team will keep in close touch with the research team and will post updates on the website in the Research pages. The researchers will also continue to update their HDC website with exciting updates about this project and the inroads it is making on cancer research.

On behalf of the research staff at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, World Community Grid's team wish to express our thanks to you for contributing your PC power to this project. With your contribution, this project was completed in a fraction of the time it would otherwise have taken.

We also want to inform you that World Community Grid has started work on a new cancer project to discover ways to accelerate the crystallization process used in studying cancer protein structure using X-ray Crystallography, which will help researchers identify proteins involved in cancers and lead to new drug therapies and cures. We plan to launch this new cancer project in the May/June 2007 time frame. You will receive more information on this project prior to the official launch date.

We still need your help with other ongoing projects! World Community Grid continues to run the FightAIDS@Home, Genome Comparison, Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy and Human Proteome Folding - Phase II projects. These critical research projects need your computer time as well.

IMPORTANT: If you have elected to participate only in the Help Defeat Cancer project (which has now been completed), you must take some action to prevent your World Community Grid agent from sitting idle on your PC until the next cancer project launches. Please sign in to World Community Grid, and from the "My Grid" page, select the "My Projects" link from the menu on the left. From the "My Projects" page, select one or more of the other projects in which you choose to participate. If no action is taken within the next 3 weeks, we will set your default to Participate in All Projects. You will then be automatically enrolled to participate in the next cancer research project when it is launched in May or June.

Again, thank you for your contribution to the highly successful completion of the Help Defeat Cancer project!

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