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le: 15 January 2007 à 19:46
Dernières nouvelles du front :

"11.01.2007 11:30 UTC
From the new Admins at Queen Mary, University of London (Previously posted on the message board):

We know things have been very quiet around here with regards answers and keeping you informed and the team would like to thank you for your patience in this regard. There are some users out there who have not only been patient and understanding but also very good at explaining the situation to other users and we thank them for their work.

The migration is not a simple job and we are working hard on making it as seamless as possible so that there will be as little downtime as possible to the service.

We have not updated the news on the website previously for various reasons. The first being we needed to get CERN access accounts which is not as easy as it seems. Then we had to be allowed access to the server and the first thing we went to look at was the BOINC installation so we could get the ball moving on the migration. There was also the issue that we did not have any answers to your questions because the answer frankly to all your questions are "It will migrate to QMUL and from mid to late January be administrated from there". All other problems that you encounter/we encounter will be dealt with as soon as we are installed and ready to go. As this will be a clean install (no you will not lose your stats/credits) we hope that all the issues you have currently will be sorted out by that.

We would like to apologise for the silence and realise it is very frustrating but that there will be no major improvements to the LHC@home server until it is 100% under our adminstration. We would also like to thank the previous people who have worked on LHC@home, mostly in their spare time, some you know like Ben Segal and Chrulle and others you may not like Ignacio Reguero and Phil Defert. These guys have been instrumental in helping us get this move going.

We also have some photos of the unpacking and installation of the new server at http://www.gridpp.ac.uk/lhcathome/photos.html.

We will try to keep you updated on progress as we get closer to the date for the complete switchover.

Alex and Neasan. "

Ca vient ! Ca vient !
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