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le: 26 June 2005 à 02:33
Pirates@Home Last News :-( June 24 2005  
Contributed by Hugo Ayotte      

Capt. Jack wrote:

When the question has come up before, I always said that Pirates@Home would stay up until late June. Well, it's now getting to be late June, and it's time to shut 'er down.

The Pirates@Home project and web site will shut down sometime in the late morning (EST) on Friday, June 24th, 2005.

We will continue to run both Sextant and Starboard, as able, until the shutdown. I hope to have one more round of Sextant for testing.

If there is time, there may also be one more round of Starboard. I've been working on porting xscreensaver GL 'hacks' of progressive complexity, and the next one has what I hope is only a small problem before it is ready. But maybe not...

I have to say that I think this little project has been quite a success, both for testing screensaver graphics for Einstein@Home (the original intent) and for testing BOINC in general. And I have to give credit for that to the Gentlemen and Ladies of the crew. Even if you just ran a workunit and it ended with an error and you got no credit at all, the feedback you and your machine provided helped contribute. And of course there have been many willing to contribute more than that, such as feedback in the forums, as well as the translations of the screensaver description. Thank you all for all your contributions.

A hearty "Arrrr!" to all the Pirates crew, and bon voyage!

- Eric Myers


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Réponse #1 le: 24 November 2005 à 14:06
C'est pas un site francais?!? :lol: